Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Back to Life...

Heyyy I been running around like a chicken without a head! hahah I havent blogged in a while friends. Im so sorry. Anyways Life is crazy we all know that..it wouldnt be life with the fear of the unknown. Right? The word of today is METAFORMIN.... ;-( I have been feeling so awful...so tired...gaining weight....irriatable...frustrated my feet hurt sometimes and my arm numbs up...I sound worse than a 90 year old lady dont I lol.... They checked my sugar and it was 325....yesterday at Urgent Care..;-( They cant just Diagnose me as diabetic I just ate a truck load of french fries before I went in. Im kind of at a standstill...If you have read my blogs you know what happened Im tired of being tired and tired of Doctors and surgeries and all the crap!! Right now I am claiming my life back in the name of Jesus I command my life back right now. I am not Diabetic I am going to take care of myself and slow down for my kids and stop trying to change the world because its killing me. ;-( The day I found out I needed brain surgery me and abel were at the zoo. The day they said I am diabetic which Im not...;-) Maddy got her pedicure. Am I going to keep trying to spread Gods Love around the world...YES.>>>>>> AM I going to do it slower YES YES YES>>>>>>> I love you world. Keep up the fight of life and hit harder than what Life has to hit you with then you make life out to be what you want it to be, not what it gives you... Peace and love and blessings....xoxoxo Ill figure this stuff out...I wanted a burrito this morning but ate a salad with blueberries. btw Abels House is doing awesome. Mo.

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