Friday, March 8, 2013

Time and Change...

Everyday is a lesson. Every day is time to learn. I am learning everyday just like you are. Whether it be good bad, ugly or horrible...its a lesson. Today is a gloomy day. Im kind of at relaxed point peaceful point. Its so rainy outside today.Its such a awesome thing to just rest and soak time in. That's how I feel like I'm soaking time in. Its so fast. One of my friends died of cancer and came to me in a dream. he said he doesn't understand why he is dead. It was pretty cool to see him but I didnt have a answer for him cause he shouldnt be dead. He was so young. only 42. God I love you so much with all my heart and soul you are the miraculous king of kings and lord of lords I thank you for my precious moments for my life and my babies. Amen..xoxo Mo. This is a picture of my cousin who took his own life recently. Johnny didn't want to die and I don't think my cousin did either. Always love life...Its a gift that isnt returnable...and this is the only one you get. So slow down and look around. Smell the air feel the breeze.

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