Sunday, April 28, 2013

New brain tumor ....

I was speechless. MY ear nose and throat doctor said they saw a new brain tumor one that was different from the one in 2009 that was taken out. I'm grasping everything I can to keep smiling. I know god has a plan and a purpose for my life and this is just another bump along the way. I cry sometimes by myself or cry when Im driving when Im at the store or whatever im doing that gives me a minute to think...I cry. I need a miracle...and a life changer...Im working towards less stress...and less stress every day. My relationship with God keeps growing and I show no fear to no one but him. I refuse to let this thing in my brain get a hold of me...I will get a hold of it in the name of jesus I pray!! Next Tuesday I have a neurologist appointment....Lets let the HOly spirt do his work

Me and my dad at a festival in goodyear Arizona where his band Sugar band was playing. Me and the babies If you have a brain tumor and are reading this....FIGHT WITH NO FEAR!! GOD WILL HANDLE THIS!! I PROMISE. XOXOXOO Mo.

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