Monday, April 22, 2013

Special Needs Children and their Moms

I have been soooo busy I have ventured into two new businesses Abels house and the beauty pageant world and phew Im tired! I love it and have been so happy. Their is something that I have been thinking about recently. We moved to a weird community, its very old but cozy and cute. I don't really like it, I think our house is haunted believe it or not it had to be completely exorcised because it was, but that will on a while another thread with all the details lol. My son Abel is a special needs boy who is Intellectually Disabled. He was at the park where we live and I was sitting near by reading a book when I see a boy his age push him and "put up his dukes" in a way like he was going to hit him and Abel was laughing. I said immediately "hey whats going on! The little boy proceeded to his bike. I said why were you trying to fight him what happened? The little boy responds "He kept copying me" I tried my best not to laugh I said he doesn't understand that he does that, and Abel's friend nearby told the little boy its okay he was born like that. My heart skipped a beat I started to feel tears coming out. I was so touched by his friend that understood him and accepted him for his little differences than other boys. Its so heartbreaking for special need mothers to see their kids trying to be friends with others and they get misunderstood. Its our job to educate the other kids that they are just like them wanting everything they want friendship and love but they are a little different. I pray that Abel and all special needs boys and girls find love and friendship in this crazy judgemental world we live in. If we didn't judge and assume think of how the world would be. xoxoxo Check out my new business I love it!! I started a beauty pageant called Phoenix Princess Beauty Pageants maddy was in Arizona Lil Miss Spread the love friends and love everyone for them not for what they do or have.

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