Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Feeling LIke a overworked..>TURTLE>>>>>

I feel like a turtle..I have so much going on and so little time to do it in. Their is some better way to manage time with rest and focusing and I swear I am going to get their..lol.... I have www.abelshouse.org I have www.phoenixprincesspageants.info and I have AandMprinting.com Its gonna happen soon My dreams will come true with blood sweat and tears and more sweat and blood....dont give up on whatever your doing. You can achieve whatever you want to its all up to you. xoxoxox Mo. DONT GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS I NEVER WILL!!! Im having a blast....its not easy...but im having fun. xoxoxo

Friday, May 3, 2013

Im so tired of hearing about Jodi ARIAS!!

No matter what her life is OVER!! She is not going to walk away clean and be able to live a regular life. She admittted killing him she believes her self her lies and their is no way in hell she is going to walk set free....EVER >

Im just looking at her....and i feel sorry for her. I feel sorry for her that she had no self regulation no way to control her own emotions, no other outlet to focus on except jealousy...Its so sad. Its probably started when she was young poor thing. What's scarier is there's tons of other women out there that have this b behavior and could possibly re-enact this. She will be always in my prayers. I'm not trying to judge, I just can see she did everything to get out of this, but what if she just told someone how she felt this just wouldn't have happened. She wasn't in her right mind. To do all that damage she wasn't in her right mind, I'm surprised she didn't get Rule 11 and very surprised that her venue wasn't changed and the jury sequestered. She might not be getting a fair trial..in a way so i'm hoping somewhere someone will notice....just to the fact its her right and she will get the death penalty that is owed. Then again who are we as people to determine who gets paid back in the end. She will pay for her actions for eternity not in just this life. Poor Travis too. He didn't know, he was just being a young guy and young guys are jerks sometimes. So I think the moral of the story is that we all should teach our little girls is "Not everyone's gonna love you, or love you back or even love you the same." RIP to both of Jodi Arias and Travis....

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