Friday, November 8, 2013

Last day of second Round of radiation for my second tumor.

Time is going so fast I never have time to myself. I had a few minutes so here I am bragging about the best place in the world Phoenix Cyberknife where I get my brain tumor Radiation. Its amazing how in five days I can get true radiation with no pain fuss, or nothing. A little fatigue but I been going to work right after. today is the last day of my second one week treatment. Amazing how those beam of light are healing my tumors. My next focus is to watch what I eat and really work out. I mean reallly really.... do it. Its for life, I want to live to be a 100, so its going to take effort to care about myself..since I always wanna care about everyone else first. Im such a mom.

I just wanted to touch base and tell the world...or anyone who is not giving up on life because of whatever they are going through. Please dont. We are so blessed with days love your days I do.
My neices and nephews with abel and Maddy at the arizona state fair they had a blast that day! it broke my pockets but it was all worth it.
Always Love
Its me supporting my favorite Team Team Matthew in the Sharing Down Syndrome Walk
Queen Maddy
The two little kids I wanna live for and change the world for. This week i posted this on my facebook, and it got alot of likes and alot of shares. It made me cry to think wow, its just me and my little heart pouring out to anyone I can Im so proud its inspirational. I listen to god, I hope you do to its the secret to life. here is what I posted. "Yesterday at Radiation a girl sat next to me and was telling me how awful she feels waking up every morning coming there. I asked her why? She said it just makes me miserable and sick. She said she had brain surgery and they cant remove her tumor. I said Im so sorry I will keep you in prayer, she said you don't know what its like. I said yeah I bet. She asked why I am there. I said because I have brain tumors too. Her face was in shock. She said I would have never know. I said why? She said you look so happy. I said I am. I am very blessed to be getting this treatment, I am happier I get more time with my kids. God knows my heart and has given me another chance to live and be healed. Coming here is being obedient to what god wants for me. She was so shocked. She said I never looked at it like that. I said I had brain surgery like you but they removed my tumor two years ago, and for whatever reason I got too more. its all good its just life girl. Something we get to go through to teach others faith and fearlessness. She said that's what you are doing thank you so much. I said its cool girl, its just gods work. He works through all of us, working and teaching all the time you just have to listen. — feeling blessed." I gotta get ready and take off to RADIATION!! peace love and healing...xoxoxo Monica...

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