Monday, April 21, 2014

Angels talking to me in my sleep....

Angels talked to me in my sleep....a few weeks ago. They said that I will die of the devastating disease of cancer in 1.5 years this is my last warning to take care of myself. For a crazy reason I told gabe this last night and I don't remember. I told him that I saw him with his new wife...and hes going to be happy...and the kids will be okay.

I don't understand why I told him that, that's stuff I only knew. I thought about it everyday...It scared the shit out of me enough to start working on my self. My peacefulness, my thoughts my everything.
Its going to be okay..I need to just slow down...and focus on  God first, my kids, gabe.....and rest...
I LOVE JESUS.....if you are reading this can you say a prayer for me and my family.

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