Thursday, May 22, 2014

Whoa I been busy...

I have come to think I have adhd or something...I usually am able to handle all my businesses but once In a while it gets overwhelming....maybe its natural or maybe its me always trying to find the answer to a problem. 

Lately I have been feeling pretty good, I continue to try and watch what I eat, I got off the fork diet...lifting forks all the time to my

I been working on heath. Thats my focus getting healthy...for the kids because If something happens to me...they will be on their own...I cant have I been hiking...

I been working on changing what I what and drink...No pasta...plant protein meals....and stepping up on my workout...I mean I pay for a personal trainer at GOLDS gym and dont go....I even went to see about a tummy tuck...I felt so

I will prevail...I will command Health Now!!! all the doctors can just forget surgeries and stuff cause I have had it...God is in control and thats it...

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Highly interested in the future of my two children...and creating postive memories for them is my goal. Im a single mother, a ASU graduate and a social accident.