Monday, January 26, 2015


Pictures with the kids a little over a week ago. My kids are handfuls, well all kids in general right. 
Something about these pictures makes me think wow, I'm so normal now. I remember how scared I was to be a single parent, then thrown into being a special needs parent, then a masectomy, then brain surgery, reconstruction surgeries, brain tumor radiation going to school, graduating starting a non profit from the ground up. I mean I was scared to death of everything. 
God heard my prayers. God heard every single one. Without The Holy Spirit in my soul and our father lord Jesus he is the strength that carried me through everything and still carries me today. Isn't God amazing!!  I challenge
You this if you are reading this today take time to pray, Sit down alone and really pray things of the world will try and side track you but get back on and give God your heart. Please now is the time to change your life and turn to Jesus. 
The picture above is last week at my neurologist one year after radiation we looked at two other brain tumors that were radiated to see how they are, thanks to Jesus they are dead. 
Change your life now, surrender to Jesus he died on the cross for us. So we can be redeemed and delivered. Now is the time remove people who bring you down only keep people in your life who love Jesus. Become so hungry for the lord that you don't want nothing else more than to hear the word. Life can make us sick. People can make us sick thoughts can make us sick as well. Be free of all that and let Jesus in your heart. I know this post is Meant for someone, Jesus called on me to tell you be free now let it go and your free. God is good and I love you Jesus your the almighty king of kings all knowing all seeing all forgiving I thank you Jesus for the air I breathe this morning, a roof over me and my kids heads and a bed to sleep in thats a blessing thank you Jesus for providing for  me and my children. 

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