Sunday, February 22, 2015

I told Abels dad not to call

I don't know what the hell happened lately but this day that you asked about your dad finally has come. He asked me mom what's my dads name again? He never sees him except maybe twice a year for 15 minutes. I keep in touch with him when i need money for his birthday or Christmas this last year I didn't contact his dad for anything, it just didn't seem worthy or I didn't need to ask anyways. Well, this past Friday my developmental delayed son asked his dad's name although he was sidetracked by his sister cause she was talking to him in the car I couldn't help but freeze and tears came out. My heart has Learned and accepted that his dad is lost in a word of drug dealing and strippers. His dad has no body on his mind but himself I received two child support checks his whole life which shows how he keeps jobs. Another weird thing happened on Saturday night his dad called to "check on Abel" because he said I called him. I never called him. I told him I didn't call you he says yes you did I see the missed call "no I didn't" he says owell I'm gonna call you Tommorow so I can take him out for pizza the classic end to a conversation that never really will happen in reality last time he took him for pizza he was four my son is now 7.5years old. I was laying Down crying last night and something came over. Me. I text his dad I checked my phone no one ever called you from my phone. You don't need to call Abel once a year anymore it's just almost silly now. I don't need money or nothing from you Abel doesn't even remember you so need for the false promises cause he doesn't remember you and I don't need your money or better your Peter piper promises, you choose Your lifestyle over your soon so enjoy, and I'm sorry but I think honesty will help you learn what you done. His dad's text response. "Stop texting me." Wow, not even a im sorry I'm ashamed he didn't know my name he even laughed when I told when we're taking its. So weird you call Abel was asking what your name is and he laughed. Dedicated to men like that guy your lost in the sea of sin and don't deserve a beautiful child that will love you unconditionally your fate is coming snd God can see you.  
Dedicated to my beautiful son. "I love you bubbas we have been through so much together you have inspired me to work so hard so your never without, so you can have everything you want and things only get better and better for us. You are such  a lucky little boy who's life inspires many because you are the reason for and you changed my life in tons of ways now I use that fire you gave me to hopefully change the world. So many people love you, and adore no wonder you forgot that guys name he doesn't matter anymore and actually never really did. I love you baby the sky is the limit. Mommas here😍.

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