Friday, June 5, 2015

Losing Sense of Self

Do you  get so busy that you really dont what your doing. lol..I do. I am so freaking busy always putting out fires everywhere I turn. I tell myself, need to slow down.
This is me today being selfish with a selfie. The Only time I get to myself is in my car to think and Plan whats next. From meetings, to dinner to getting everyone ready for school or their sports Im it. As Single Mothers we are always it. Sometimes It can get overwhelming right? Well, Thats the way life is girls, too dam overwhelming and its our Job to make it look easy.  I have realized lately I am not keeping up with my doctor appoinments because I am so busy working towards building my dreams to change the world. 
Im not going to do any good not taking care of myself and you arent either. Lets reflect on what would happen if we werent able to do what we do...UMMMM Chaos...SO the goal is to take care of ourself. I been taking a bootcamp class I try and go every day at 530am as long as I get to sleep by 10ish..If not its a hike or the Gym or take the stairs wherever I am but bootcamp has done me good I feel so much stronger and weight wise..I have lost 20lbs. 

SO whereever you are right now. Please stop crying about your situation cause it could be worse....Seriously. I have so many freaking health issues and I dont complain for nothing because Im just happy to be here still. 

God is good. 

I have had brain tumors and a Masectomy...everything else wrong with me is just a irriating issue I struggle to keep up with lol....

These are the links to all my projects. Support the Mission that God sent me on. I am so thankful he sent me this work they are my life.

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