Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jelousy and Gossip sickness.

I don't like to gossip. If I say something anything its a fact that I know and only know from hearing it from the source. If someone doesn't know the truth then why start talking about something you don't know? That is that sickness called gossip. Gossip is life crushing, relationship killers and just plain sad. Life is hard already, but then to gossip and assume something you have no idea about makes you a unhappy person. So, lets go over some of my ideas about Gossip. 
1. Don't Do it. (shut it done right away) and advise the other person you cant be gossiping about something you don't know.
2. Find the facts...Ask the person who is being gossiped about,why and if they need help. You are their friend or family member right, and if your gossiping, their must some sort of a problem right so instead of just shaking your head and saying poor thing, extend a helping hand to a person who needs help instead of talking about them.
Why be Jealous? You need to Love yourself. People that are Jeleous of others must be miserable in their own skin. I never get Jeleous of anything, maybe if Gabe doesn't pay attention to me, or something but otherwise nothing of anyone elses success make me Jeleous, they make me excited for them. I get excited when one of my family or friends get a house, a new car, go on a trip I saw WOW so cool, I bet its exicting, congrats.  I get excited when someone makes their goals, and dreams come true I feel like I did do to watching them make their dreams come alive.I get happy and proud for them. NEVER JEALOUS.  
So the next time you catch yourself, being a hater and Jealous of someone successes check yourself. 
2. Re-evaluate your own goals...and start doing them!! Maybe you wouldn't be such a hater if you focused on yourself rather than other people. 
3. Attempt to make your goals. Its going to be hard...but you have to do it, or else your gonna be a hater forever with no direction in life...SO CHANGE NOW its only for your  happiness. 
God is good. The first thing before you do anything...IS TO FORGIVE YOURSELF....Let go of the past.....MAKE THE FUTURE WHAT YOU WANT and always put Jesus first. If you can follow these will be happy, and life will be beautiful. As you look at my blog from a few years back, it was sad, I was so scared, I had no one really to turn too...but I didn't give up. I cried alot, told not look scared be fearless alot...People loved to see me down...Unknowingly I didnt know that...and now that Im not they dont like it, but its okay, I will continue to pray and love them no matter what. 

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